Monday, April 7, 2008

The First Day

We went out into the neighborhood today for the first time and it was a pretty interesting experience. We met a couple of guys from the City of Portland who were about to begin work on the road to repair a sewer pipe. They were really nice and eager to talk about their work which was surprising to me. I'm generally pretty nervous about having to start up conversations with people that I don't know but I think that this class will help me get over that.

The neighborhood that we are working in is very familiar to me. It's the first neighborhood that I moved into when I moved to Portland almost 8 years ago. Just in the time that I've lived around that area I've seen it change drastically. The the other two girls that I was walking around with were both fairly unfamiliar with the location and we were talking about the differences in perspective. I have all of these memories and anecdotes that are attached to various houses and businesses and it was hard for me to remove myself from that and to see it through investigative eyes. Despite all of this I am eager to go out again next week.

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